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The system for ceilings TERMOPANEL® consists of a structural insulating, sandwich type panel, formed by a rigid foam nucleus of ISOTEX® auto extinguishable, high density Expanded Polystyrene, covered on both sides with galvanized steel sheets pre-painted by oven or Galvalum sheets. Both steels come protected with a plastic covering - which must be removed once installed - which guarantees the prevention of scratching during the transport and installation of the panels. 

It is a finished ceiling that does not require any finishing after the installation and consists of three elements of closing such as: Roof Cap (in the case of being to two waters), the frontal closing that behaves as rain channel and a lateral closing to cover the EPS. The three are of the same external color of the ceiling.


  • Easy handling, transport and positioning due to its low weight. 

  • Great durability since the covering of color of both steels with siliconized Polyester on a primer epoxy. 

  • Excellent thermal insulator.


  • Useful width: 0.905 m. 

  • Lengths: according to the requirements of the project. 

  • Thickness: 7.5 or 10 cm. 

  • Weight average by m2: between 7 and 10 kgm2. 

  • Values of isolation: R = 8 for 7.5 cm of thickness. 

  • R = 12 for 10 cm of thickness. 

  • Combination of colors red-white or white- white. 

  • Light between supports: 
    - Until 5,00 ms in the case of 10 cm of thickness. 
    - Until 3,50 ms in the case of 7,5 cm of thickness. 

  • The TERMOPANEL® panel requires a minimum slope of 6%. 

  • The caliber of the steel can vary between 0,35 mm up to 0,53 mm depending on the application.





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